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seemed only natural to me...
cancer of the ear - peoples
evilgrins wrote in twittertalk
...but then again, I am a geek.

7:39 AM 7/25/09 · As I have any entry for most everybody I know, friends and friends former, in my PalmOne's contact directory, I decided to setup entries for the twits I follow on Twitter. Just to keep track of them and get all of their @'s right. I currently am following 357 and it's a mix of celebrities, people I know in life & livejournal, pornstars, and a number of sockpuppets. That's a lot to remember just from my own wacky memory.

Gotta keep in mind also I tweet from my cellphone and other than what little I do with that, I don't have internet access of my own. I can't check links when people tweet them and I can't just easily view profiles either. This just seemed the simpler way to go.

I get the penguins from the Tux Factory and primarily use them for all entries other than Scottish HoboCracky·McRib's...cuz his would need to be something special given the circumstance. Been looking but haven't found a penguin that quite fits the circumstance.

Recently started adding birthdays, from when @MsTeagan mentioned her's the other day.


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