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Well, poo.
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evilgrins wrote in twittertalk
1:36 AM 8/7/09 · So, of late where Twitter is concerned I've been turning my updates on and off. Rather than go the route of using the system's own option of not sending me tweets in a specified time frame, which I've heard isn't all that reliable, I just send an 'off' and no more tweets come my way until I send an 'on' again.

However, this didn't exactly work come Thursday.

Woke up, sent the 'on' and waited. Didn't get anything which seemed a little odd but then not everybody tweets all the time. I had awakened a little before my alarms went off and the news, clock radio, cleared that up. Twitter apparently, for all intents and purposes, had crashed. There wasn't a lot of information available as to the why of it or how long it would last, although it's still down as I'm typing this, but the evening news was a little more forthcoming...

...though still not saying when Twitter would be back up.

I was a little distracted at the time, missed a chunk of the report, but basically some Russian hacker, for whatever reason, decided to take out Twitter. Say what you will, the guy does great work! Don't know if they caught the guy or much beyond that.

For those of you that avoid the news like a plague, and I know a number of you do, if you are a twit and were wondering what was going you know.

9:59 AM 8/7/09 · Got a little more from the morning news. It has to do with the tensions between Russia & Georgia. Apparently an outspoken supporter of Georgia had accounts at Facebook, Livejournal, & Twitter...and used it to cut down on Russia and promote Georgia. I dunno who this was exactly, no links I'm afraid, but the Russian hacker that took down Twitter did it because of this one person.

As of now I still can't access Twitter from my mobile and won't be able to access the internet for another hour or so. I'm hoping my twit account is still there, regardless of circumstances I was still sending tweets and I'm curious to see if any of those got much as I'm hoping my account still exists. The news indicated that Twitter should be up by now and maybe my usual method of resetting my update status there might just be on the fritz.

Also kinda hoping only Twitter was having the issues. Heard possibly facebook yesterday roundabout noon...but the mention of livejournal this morning has me a little concerned.

11:16 AM 8/7/2009 · At first I thought everything was hunky dory again but...I seem able to receive updates to my mobile but can't send anything back.


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