Buying Twitter?
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It is absolutely amazing how important Twitter has become because of the situation in Iran - important enough that earlier this week, the U.S. State Department approached Twitter and asked them to postpone a preplanned update because the original update time would have been during daytime in Iran, which would have disrupted the flow of information out of Iran if the government began to block all foreign media (here)... which indeed happened. 

However, the cynic in me wonders if CNN or other news outlets will soon be making offers to buy Twitter. 

New Harvard Study of Twitter Usage
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Twitter: Where the Elite Mete Neat Tweets

A Harvard study finds that an elite 10 percent of Twitter users create 90 percent of all tweets...and the median number of tweets over the lifetime of a Twitter account is just one.


I would generally agree with the study's findings based on my own experience. I have two friends that post frequently (one very frequently), a couple others that pop in every once in a while, and a handful or more that never post. My other tweets received are from expressly broadcast services (like delays on the subway or events around town).

I've seen it used well, especially by some networks of professionals to share ideas and links to information (financial traders apparently are very active on it during the day). But for the most part, it seems to hold very little value as a social networking tool because it lacks a lot of the networking space (like you find here in an LJ community) or the continuity of discussion on a post or article. Unless you do searches or someone retweets a message, you're unlikely to stumble on new and interesting ideas.

What's your Twitter experience so far?

Twitter Business Model
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I have been wondering for quite some time about Twitter's business model.  This article helps to explain that... 

Twitter, working to make money, won’t use ads

Ten Reasons to Love Twitter
Great article posted on someone's blog about the coolness of Twitter, so thought I'd share. You can read it HERE :)

user pix=FAIL
I keep trying to upload a 100x100 (same size as the LJ icon) picture for my user pix on twitter but for some reason it uploads- says NICE PICTURE! when I hit save it says picture is too big or some other error. What should I do so I don't have the ugly generic default icon as my picture. Thx!!

If you're following someone on Twitter but they're not following you, does that mean if you respond to something they've said by typing @username on your twitter they won't see it? Hope that makes sense.

I don't want to be talking to myself :/

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Hey there, i'm still a complete n00b when it comes to twitter, despite having it for about a month. I'm trying to figure out how to update from my phone.

If i download a java application for my phone, will it still cost me, internet wise? Cos right now i use from my phone but it's been a bit dodgy lately.

I suppose I don't know how java applications work for phones, either XD

I'm from the UK, if that means anything. With an old run of the mill walkman phone, not something like Blackberry or an iPhone. It's compatible with TinyTwitter and Jitter.

Is Twitter down?
I ask this because my background has gone back to default and my profile pic has gone :/

Anyone else having problems?

Receiving Tweets via SMS?
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Since everyone in my office has a Blackberry (except me, thank goodness), I realized that when the next Hurricane Ike comes and Houston loses electricity and laptops cannot connect to the Internet, using Twitter via cell phone could be a good way to get office-related information to/from colleagues. 

I have figured out how to send Tweets from my cell phone (an old Motorola V195 - almost literally a no-frills bare-bones super-basic flip-style cell phone, and admittedly I am not keen on upgrading), but I am not seeing any info on the Twitter site about receiving tweets from those I am following (currently just a test account), and my cell phone cannot support the mobile apps available.  Can this be done, or would I need to upgrade to a Blackberry or iPhone or other modern cell phone?  

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Is there an easier way to follow @replies? Rather than just clicking @replies on the right side panel? It's hard to see what people are replying to when I haven't checked because I have to go back by checking the time they made the @reply to see what they were replying to.

Also, when I change my username on twitter, my twitpic automatically cancels itself to a new username/account and all my previous photographs from the old username are gone unless I change the username on twitter back. Why doesn't the pictures just transfer to the new username?

Thanks! :)


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